Saturday, June 28, 2008

A new documentary from Paper City Films

Voices Underground/Voces Underground is a documentary about the 2008 presidential election in the Dominican Republic. Consisting of on-location footage and interviews with political and social activists about the electoral process, the film investigates the political situation in the country and attempts to capture popular opinions and critical voices to better understand a complicated election.

* Internationally recognized human rights activist Sonia Pierre from MUDHA;
* Vice-presidential candiate Maria Teresa Cabrera, president of the teacher's union ADP (2);
* Social and political activist Victor Geronimo;
* Dr. Ariel Suero, President of the militant doctor's union, CMD.

Also includes interviews with many Dominican voters and citizens. The filmmakers also plan to record more interviews with academic experts about the Dominican political trajectory, and present the film in both Spanish and English.